Our Service Team

Rocky Mountain Frontier uses a network of mental health professionals, educational consultants, recovery coaches, social workers, spiritual directors, youth mentors, and vocational/technical instructors in order to provide dynamic and effective service plans for the struggling teens who enter our program. By having a service team that is composed of both direct program employees and contract professionals, Rocky Mountain Frontier is able to draw upon the many external resources available in our local community to create a collaborative system of care that will benefit your son.

Matthew Schneider, Owner

• B.A. Psychology, University of Wyoming, 2007
• CPR/First Aid Certificate
• MANDT Instructor Certificate
• Jason Flatt Suicide Prevention Certificate
• 35 years of farming/ranching
• USA Boxing Coach 15+ years
• Administering and assisting at-risk youth for 15+ years



Dustin Brink, Life Coach

• Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Black Hills State University 2009
• Master of Science, Counseling & Human Resources, SDSU 2012
• Licensed Practicing Counselor Wyoming
• Coaching Experience
• Motivational Interviewing with Goal Setting as an Emphasis
• Love and Logic Facilitator
• Years of experience with youth, troubled teens, and young adults
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I have worked with countless individuals who have been indoctrinated into the mental health model; relying heavily on standardized methods and pharmaceuticals. Finding that even our professional methodologies in Post-Modern psychology and counseling are somewhat conflicting with previous theories and assumptions which rely heavily on diagnoses and/or medication. I have personally experienced firsthand the body and mind’s ability to learn and form new neural connections and influence or change our chemical neurotransmission. The mind and body’s ability to change has made me believe in and pursue motivational, experiential, and postmodern theories of behavior change.

Since I am trained to recognize and classify mental health disorders, this environment ensures each participant is able to receive, interpret, and be influenced by our current methodologies for growth and change. If however, a participant needs a higher level of care, Mental Health Counseling, psychological testing, or possibly psychiatric assistance, I am trained to recognize and source out such needs.

Our approach at Rocky Mountain Frontier is similar to Life Coaching concepts.
It works predominantly on goal setting and assisting clients in overcoming the possible experiential obstacles/opportunities between self and reaching personal goals. Predominantly we focus on the “here and now” while assisting clients to form their own personal goal setting techniques, schedules for time and tasks, all the while finding their inner potential and path for success.

Dustin Johnson, Mentor

• Bachelor of Science, Church Ministries, Clearwater Christian College 1999
• Masters Certificate – National Institute for Learning Development – 2007


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Dustin Johnson grew up in central Florida, fishing, and adventuring in the mangrove swamps and islands of Tampa Bay. Growing up in a Christian family, he felt stuck in a faith he did not want to be a part of. College was a major time of change while earning his Bachelor of Science, at Clearwater Christian College in business administration and general family counseling from a Christian perspective he started to realize how much God loved him, and the gravity of sin in his life.

After earning his Bachelor’s degree, he went to work in Christian schools teaching Bible and technology; it was here that Dustin realized his God gifting in a vocation of helping teens restore their relationship with their families. After 10 years of teaching mainstream students, in 2008, he had an opportunity to work with at-risk teens in residential schools, helping them learn a better way to live and restore relationships with their parents. Having spent almost 20 years working with teens and their families; God has continually demonstrated His desire and faithfulness to forgive, heal and restore families.

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