Our Mission

A unique alternative to traditional wilderness and “teen boot-camps”, Rocky Mountain Frontier is a troubled teen wilderness program for struggling boys, age 10-17 that is owned and operated by a devout Catholic family that uses the natural adventure opportunities of northwest Wyoming to heal the troubled and wounded youth. Your son will experience pristine nature on his journey of restoration back to the family through principles of Faith and God’s creation. With access to their families 50,000-acre cattle ranch, high plains desert, and the Rocky Mountains of northwest Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Frontier has the resources to give your struggling son, experiences that will help him find his way to a better way to live.

We hope that our family environment will help build the moral conscience of the boy and enable them to allow the light of Christ to thrive within them, as both a source of strength and of illumination in an age of such frightening confusion and deprivation.

We believe that the ranch and wilderness activities that are experienced will educate the mind, strengthen the body, and elevate the spirit of your child.

Rocky Mountain Frontier
Wilderness Adventure for Struggling Boys

A Boys Ranch in Wyoming serving all of the United States.

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