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Experiential Lessons

Rocky Mountain Frontier Boys School help young boys step outside of time, unplug from negative distractions, and wholly live each new day connected to nature with their distinctive education program.

Here, young boys are accompanied by experienced staff who teach them important skills. With safety as the #1 factor in learning, we train boys to leave no trace behind on hiking trails.

Working together while adventuring in beautiful Wyoming, troubled boys begin to build trusting relationships with staff and each other. Routine tasks like gathering eggs and feeding horses let boys consider their place and purpose in the world. And as the healing power of the great outdoors unlocks memories of trauma, and brokenness, mentors encourage each troubled boy to become the man he is meant to be!

Young troubled boys learn academically with a homeschool curriculum, accredited by NISAC, and study both on campus, and during expeditions. 

Do It Yourself!

During the program, up to 10 boys live in log cabins that also features nearby chicken coops and a horse pen.

Do It Yourself!
Here on the Frontier, young boys learn how to:
  • become self-sustainable
  • grow food in a garden in summer
  • fish and gather food
  • care for chickens, horses, other animals
  • explore nearby mountain trails
  • keep trails clean

Go Green and Grow!

Rocky Mountain Frontier is designed as a ‘geo-thermal green’ campus, where boys and staff members adapt to different lifestyle. We keep solar electric power working at all times.

Go Green

Now Climb the Next Mountain.

Rocky Mountain Frontier’s goal is to:

  • Introduce troubled boys to new environments and foster an appreciation for the natural world and respect for animals
  • Challenge individuals through the use of physical and mental activities
  • Promote good communication skills that can be transferred to participants’ everyday life
  • Teach constructive interaction with others through the use of role modeling and activities.
  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence through the use of individual-focused activities
  • Foster responsibility through individual and group-based activities
  • To develop a strong sense of self, including strengths and limitations
  • To be respectful to self and others
  • To enhance conscious awareness
  • To increase taking responsibility for own action
  • To improve how he values himself, including protection from assault or exploitation
  • To increase motivation for moral, wholesome adolescent activities such as school, family, work, peer relationships, and extracurricular activities
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Education at Rocky Mountain Frontier is also completed with middle and high school academic goals using our homeschool curriculum up through the 12th grade.

The program at Rocky Mountain Frontier is built to be a unique alternative to traditional methods of behavioral treatment. Our program helps teen boys reconnect with the natural world and establish a personal foundation that is rooted in conservative values and principles. Located in the mountains of Wyoming, we are home to a program that gives them a better way to live life.